How big a step?

Yes, I know this isn’t a HiFi forum, but I don’t post on any others and I require advice.

Most of you have traveled a long a winding road to get where you are. But I need you to cast your minds back to the first leap from budget gear.

Due to many things (life mostly and the fact that my career hasn’t turned out quite as I would have hoped), I find myself still mired in the cheaper end of the market. Don’t get me wrong, my gear sounds good and I get a lot of enjoyment from it but areas need to be improved.

Narelle has said that I should take my Pro-Ject Debut III SE (Ortofon SM Blue) to the brewery. I recently sold my second TT from my old office (Pro-Ject Debut II w Ortofon 5E), so it makes logical sense to replace the main TT.

The question. How much do I need to spend if I want to make a significant leap in reproduction (arm and cart included) ?

My thought is that I need to get into the £1000 to £1500 region for a proper upgrade. Or do I need to spend more ? Obviously the more I can spend (to a point) the better things “should” be.

All opinions will, of course, be ignored and I will buy a Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB. But, go on. Tell me I can do better. Caveats (which will, no doubt, be ignored) are that it must be stylish and include a dust cover within the price.

Go on. Fill your boots…


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My personal opinion is that I’d start with the cartridge and spend as much as I could afford on that. I’d buy the most reasonably priced arm that’s good enough to handle the cartridge and a turntable which goes round and round at a stable speed with minimum noise. But that’s just me.



You are Serge and I claim my £5.

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Used Rock/Excalibur/Decca

Is it not worth trying a better cart on your deck first?

New or used? lots around for £1000-£1500 that should give a significant upgrade. I agree with Serge on this one, decent cart, something like a rega or jelco, then pick something that looks nice.

The deck is going to the brewery, so I need a complete set up.

Does a Rock come with a dust cover ?

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I would prefer new due to not having a lot a time for fettling. But used is an outside option.

Why would a TT have heatsinks ???

Isn’t that the rather rubbish one Rabski and Robin used to own?

Don’t know,what was the problem with it?

Rock II with Rega and a Dynavector cart, into a decent amp. The Rock is high end for not much money.

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Avid Ingenium, cant go wrong with pro-ject with the bundled carts either.

It sounds shite.

I thought it was good, but remember the bands seemed to be a nightmare to replace, and needed a lot of fiddling with.

Best TT i have heard at sane prices is the Oracle Delphi. If an older model was available in budget, I would definitely go and have a listen.

I personally would buy used every time Terry. Just like a car… As soon as you drive it away from the showroom, it is worth half as much. Because people seriously get upgradeitis with HiFi, there is a lot of used stuff around.

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I had the valdi and the voyd,both sounded very good until it picked up a fault at scalford.