How good are Tron amps?

I’m curious as to how good they sound as I’ll admit to being biased against them by Charlie Chan’s (topoxforddoc) constant shilling of them on forums?

Why don’t you ask on the Wam? :joy:

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The what?

Tsk, tsk you troublemaker…:grin:

All jokes aside, they’re pretty decent with nice build quality.

Thanks, the PX25 amp looks interesting although too low power for the LV’s

I’m tempted to try the new little Convergence MM phono stage he’s doing for £900

I was looking at that, but it has the usual GT mark-up. £3K would be a decent price.

The place where someone hacked your account and has started trolling the owner? :smile:


well the security is shite so anything is possible :smiling_imp:

Catfood Pete’s security militia, who obviously have your address on file, will be round shortly to give you a good kicking so I’d drag yourself off the carpet before they come knocking!

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Nope, those bruises were after Sodders raped you on the carpet.

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That is the model of Tron Charlie has. :slight_smile: He loves it, obviously. I have tried it here into my efficient but tough load Goldmund Epilogs and it barely raised a whisper, maybe an impedance mismatch.
I also have taken my Devialet D-Premier to his house and it sounded much clearer and more open into his Avantgarde horns, though Charlie thought it clinical. For me the PX25 was markedly veiled in comparison. It may have had a trifle more stereo depth than the Devialet, though that could be the influence of the noise IME.

Are there any current production PX25s though? You’ll be stuck with scouring places for overpriced NOS. Bugger that.

Golden Lion?

Edit, Golden Dragon. KR maybe too…

The market for flea powered amps is very, very, very small and inhabited by dwarves with bad breath.