How loud is too loud?

Currently banging out Deep Purple at 96 dB according to the iPhone but what is too loud?

Whatever sets my tinnitus off (loud).


Not if it’s the Made in Japan album. :sunglasses:

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Make everything louder than everything else. (Or words to that effect):grin:

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How far away are the speakers from the iPhone?

Loud is good for 20 -30 minutes. More important is dynamics and speed.

That is my normal listening level.

I sit about 10 feet from the speakers depending whether I’m reclining the chair or not.

My usual level is a mean of about 75dB, peaking to 82dB. Music dependent obviously.

Before my hearing aids corrected the massive dip of +10dB in the upper mid I would listen at 90dB and then some.

Volume is so related to many other factors. Room size, distance from you to the speakers and so on.

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