How much will my MOT be?

Sadly not thank fook its only a Vauxhall

One does not just kill a classic car

There’ll be some decent ones with longish MOTs around for not much more than that bill.

Fancy a Fiat Punto with 9 months MOT for under half your MOT bill?

That is just harsh!!

Well played! :ok_hand:

Not sure what you are projecting, I’m trying to help! Might be too small for Stu’s needs anyway.

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The MOT bill was £45 - so £22.50 ?


My Mum had a Punto for years. It was a horrible car which suffered every glitch and misfortune possible before being written off in a mercy killing by a bin lorry whose driver didn’t notice it. I was merely drawing on my past experience so no offence was intended.

Cheers for the offer Ritchie,but the shocks,coils and tyres have already been done and exhaust will be fitted tomorrow

No worries Stu, at least all these bits are ‘done’ and will last. :+1:

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Unlike all the other bits…

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Yes,did think that yesterday,trouble is,could just be buying another lemon.

Must remember to never buy another car that needs a mot days before xmas.


If your MOT runs out they cancel your tax direct debit, clamp your car and fine you several hundred pounds. Clamp rates have gone up dramatically.

especially now they have contracted out the enforcement and clamping.