How much will my MOT be?

Slightly bored,so thought i liven up my Saturday night with this great poll.
Car is having its mot Tuesday,so result will be announced that evening.

Bloody exciting stuff…

  • £50-£100
  • £101-£150
  • £151-£200
  • £200-£250
  • Take it down the scrap yard and get another one

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I voted for the lowest for good karma.

A bit like the cry of "no rain, no rain " on the Woodstock album :+1:

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Hope your right,can’t stand the thought of being on my 4th car of the year.

Good Luck anyway

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I voted on the cost of mine yesterday - £92.50 inc. a tyre that was split.

Bit embarrassed, I didn’t receive the usual reminder from the garage so only booked it in when the nice road tax website reminded me, 2 months late. WYF aren’t they all linked so you cannot get tax without mot without insurance in a loop, all linked to your number plate?

They are, and you can’t.

Insurance is no longer checked when getting tax, as of about 2 years ago.

Oh, how strange. What is the thinking behind that?

In Jersey you have an insurance disc intead of a road tax one.
No mot,just random stops every now and then.
The road tax is put on the price of petrol,the more you drive,the more you pay.

The insurance disc and petrol are very good ideas,the no mot would never work here.

I believe it came in with the requirement for continuous insurance unless SORNed.

If you live on Fetlar, you don’t actually need an MOT certificate for your car.

You can’t take it to the mainland though.


Hope there is enough leftover, for plenty of liquid Christmas cheer.

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Feck ! What happened ?

Coils,shocks,exhaust,3 x tyres.

That’s the problem with high performance cars,gets through parts far to quick.


Sorry to hear that.

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Seems like the whole exhaust is rotten,just gone up to £700 :+1:

Think your car needs pushing off a fucking cliff dude

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Have you been driving it in lakes again?