How to remove an SP10 from plinth?

I may be getting an SP10 but don’t want the plinth, the owner has never taken it apart and I’m just assuming it is like the TD124/301/401 etc where it just sits on the plinth with rubber mushrooms?

Is it a simple process to remove the sp10 from its plinth?

Generally it’s attached with 4 bolts that screw into the underside of the motor unit.

You’ll need those bolts. You’ll also need to ask him to remove the platter (3 screws) and not to lose those 3 screws. It’s also wise to ask that the inner hub is raised slightly so the bearing isn’t free to bounce up & down on the ball. Technics did make a bracket to lift the hub but if you’ll be moving it some pads of cardboard should do the same trick temporarily.

Thanks, He’s not that far away so I’ll probably do it myself (phnarr phnarr)

Pretty sure that the thread is M5 for the underside - bolts might be hex head = (7mm a/f ) or cap head (4mm a/f allen key) The bolts could be sunk well into the base plate.