How to remove emails safely from apple imac

Hi Guys !
I’m wanting to remove my emails from anApple IMac I can wipe it to give it to a friend…
I have my phone and iPad linked up as well to my email account…I tried to delete them by selecting ALL then delete on my computer but this started wiping them from my phone and iPad also .firstly can I get these emails back and then if so how ? then can I make my computer independent from my phone and iPad so I can wipe clean and remove my account from it without the fear of losing emails again .
any help appreciated Micky

Just reset it via the settings, that wipes everything ready for a new user

Will I still lose the emails that are left on my phone still I was also asking if I can get the deleted emails back also …they are not in the deleted section

Reset the imac not your apple account.
Leave your email account alone!

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I wondered lonely as a cloud…

I’m going to sit back and watch😁

Micky, I know little about Macs, but I believe that your mails are stored in the cloud.

Your Mac, iPad etc. are just providing a view onto them, the mails are not “on” any of the devices.

So all you need to do is reset the iMac to factory defaults, thereby removing your credentials from it, and depriving it of the ability to see your mail in the cloud.

As for how to retrieve the already deleted mails, it sounds like the Apple mail client has a notion of a trash can

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Thanks for replies I’ll try tomorrow cos watching Liverpool now :+1::blush::blush:


Do you have a magic track pad with the IMac? If so all you have to do is wave it at the screen and say ‘out Satan’ nine times. The voice recognition might be a bit slow so if you glue your magic mouse to your forehead it will transmit much better.


I managed to get my emails back and also reset my IMac back to factory settings …Thanks for the help !!!