How will London road traffic be during ASLEF strike Apr 8th?

I realise, obviously, that no-one can be sure of the answer to this.

I need to get to Blackheath comfortably before 11:00 on Monday Apr 8th. ASLEF drivers will be striking that day When are the next train and Tube strikes? Aslef announces Easter walkouts | Evening Standard. It seems GWR will be running so I might be able to get to Paddington. At least some parts of South Western won’t though so I don’t know if I could reach Waterloo (seems unlikely). Southeastern are affected which may put Blackheath station out of action. The tube will be in trouble too (is that right Terry @MGOwner ?).

I think the last day like this was in March last year. Can anyone remember what the road traffic was like ? Did everyone pile into their cars and spend the day stuck in jams or did they all say “Sod it, it’s a Monday, I’m staying at home” and the roads were no worse than usual (which, let’s face it, is generally hideous on the S Circ in any case). There’s no parking where I’m going so I’m very reluctant indeed to take my car, but if the roads are snarled then that would make buses and cabs unattractive options too.

If Monday’s looking dreadful then I’m thinking about trying to get in on the Sunday and finding a bed for the night within walking distance. The reason I’m going is for a funeral so there are no options of WFH or choosing another day or time. And I don’t really want to arrive even a few minutes late.

Just a “feel”, but on train strike days traffic (as you say, already pretty awful) is noticeably a lot worse.

I live about 100 yards from the south circular. Physically only a few miles from Blackheath but an hour by whatever mode of transport you pick :laughing:

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This sounds like the most manageable option.

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Yep, the South Circ is utter shite, otoh, the Nth Circ is pretty good.
Luckily, Blackheath is only a couple of hundred metres from the A2/M2 corridor.
So, if I were driving to Blackheath from the west side of London, my route would be M40 to Hanger Lane, then Nth Circ to the Redbridge roundabout, then the A12 to the Blackwall Tunnel and onto the A2.

The above route would give you 2 or 3 lane roads for 95% of the journey.


There’s a Premier Inn there that has chargeable local parking. I think that I’d drive in at leisure the night before rather than have an early start for the train with the possibility of a panicked £100 cab ride.

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While my crystal ball is being repaired, I can’t predict what the situation will be :blush:
However, as mentioned above, staying overnight Sunday would be the preferred option and what I would do.

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Thanks all. You’ve convinced me. I’m booked into the Premier Inn for the Sunday night. I’m aiming to meet up with some friends I haven’t seen for a while for dinner.

This from the summer of 1980

I’m on the left, still with some hair and long before the paunch. The funeral is for the chap on the right, the one with most of the hair.

Motor Neurone Disease. He was 62. Damn.