Hoxton Hipster Hangout

So how is Jan 25? I’m in London for a 3pm medical appointment, free afterwards. Spiritland and burger bliss?

Good for me, at least the music and drinking bits.

Monday and Tuesdays generally tricky for me.

Pretty sure I’ll be able :+1:

I’m in.

£27 monster burger or bust

Won’t you miss your post burger medical appointment?


I’ve got withdrawl symptoms from Red Dog already.

Had a Gooey Louie last night. Fabulous. Also discovered the chilli cheese fries, they come with massive lumps of smoked meat - quite a decent meal in themselves!



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I might try and make this. I’ll book myself a medical appointment for the 26th in case I attempt the burger. Come to think of it a plumber or a pint of draino the next morning might get the inevitable blockage cleared.

I’d like to give this a bash if it’s OK with you chaps ?


Good job we chose a Wednesday then? :laughing:


I’ll definitely try and make it… it’s on the way home for me.

I should be able to make it on the 25th…

I’m sure withdrawal symptoms will already be setting in, having not seen any of you since the preceding weekend! :grin:

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Haha, herpaderp.

Is everyone on telegram? I’ll set up a group if so, you can DM me your user name here or contact me on telegram on @HolyZarquon

If it’s WhatsApp then someone else can sort it out

A couple of us Northerners are going to try and make this.
Mike P, and myself, are hoping to come, and we are on WhatsApp, as are Mark, Jim, and Pete, so maybe we could use that.

Lol, no one uses telegram.