Here is a list of the exhibitors if anyone is interested


I’d like to go, I’ve always enjoyed that show in the past.

and you get to listen to your favourite room time and time again :joy:

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mm was not planning to go but some tempting stuff there like soundkaos

we’ll be going on Sunday

Looking forward to seeing you all in the Watt room. I’ll be doing a kit demo, Mark Fenlon will be talking driver design and showing us a brand new driver. Scott Lundgren will be talking about speaker design and I’ll be doing some kits demos and giving discounts away.


I’ll be in the puresound room eating digestives and Mr Kiplings


Pictures of promo girl and any quality freebies s’il vous plait

Wasn’t planning on going but I’d happily share a car and petrol costs if anyone local is planning to travel?
E Mids area.

Freebies and promo girls are scarce at this show.

I’m going with @Navigator on Sunday.

Might shout closer. Which day?
I’ll message you later as I’m about to drive south.

The first year there was a wedding on so managed to grab a couple of sandwiches,and at Windsor there was another wedding that had some very nice pork pies.

If i had my life again,i’d probably just buy a nice suit,and go to peoples weddings i don’t know to get fed and watered

Quite so.
As my Nan used to say: " Food always tastes better if some other cunt has cooked and paid for it"


There was a guy who lived opposite my Mum who used to do something very similar - he watched out for all the local funerals, donned his suit and went along for a free lunch.


Or as I used to say to your Nan … “paid”.

I might be there on Sunday

Prob Sunday for me.