Hunter Balmoral Wellington UK11 - new

Brand new and unworn, in Dark Olive as per:

They’re a smidge too small for me and if I return them I’m going to end-up with a credit note for a company that has nothing else I’m ever likely to want as they don’t stock the next size up…

List is £160, I paid, £125, yours for £110 - collect or carrier at cost.

Aresholes. Does my nut in, and it’s a prevalent problem with my size 13 clod-hoppers. Not that I wear wellies ever.

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These are local councillors, errant motorists, stroppy farmers, nosey vicars, red faced Brexity types.

Next time, Buy once & Buy Right

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I wouldn’t mind so much, but until my mid-20s, UK9 fitted, by my 40s it was up to UK10, by 50 its was UK10.5, at 55 UK11, now it’s fucking UK12! I’m gonna need an L-shaped fucking coffin if I live much longer!

That wouldn’t be so bad, but just to mock me, my cock has done THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Why not donate them to the science thread? This phenomenon seems to go against entropy. @Valvebloke ?

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Thing is, feet spread with age, and some bits do grow - fucking useless, pointless bits like noses and ears - but these fuckers keep getting longer and it’s doing my fucking head in!

I’m no expert, but don’t donate your feet til you are dead.

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It’s a lack of the right sort of exercise that causes it.

Take up barefoot lawn scything.

You’ll thank me.

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Thanks Gregg, those are the older design with less support on the ankle :+1: