I find myself slipping inexorably down the Dub rabbit hole

… so any recommendations for truly classic (but not too expensive) Dub LP’s ?

There, I’ve said it … fuuuck !

:fu: eejit !

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Loads! Here are a few of my favourites.

King Tubby & Roots Radics - Dangerous Dub
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (Augustus Pablo)
Keith Hudson - Pick a dub
Upsetters - Super Ape
Upsetters - 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle
Aswad - A New Chapter Of Dub
Easy Star All Stars - Dubber Side Of The Moon

Last one is not “classic” in that it is fairly recent. Great album though.


Haven’t got a great collection but to add to the above, I have these on vinyl





Any stone cold classics ?

I can’t really afford to employ my usual (just buy it and see and then move it on at a 50% loss) tactics at the mo :frowning:

Mike, it’s a big fat hole, the dub hole. Bottomless, in fact.

I was thinking the Upsetters and Prince Fari, so we’re on the right track

Hit Spotify and try a few

2,3,4,5 in my list

If I was going to buy one it would probably be Super Ape

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Yea, aren’t they all ?

I have a couple of dozen and am really getting in to them, so this could be the next Psych or Alt Jazz or World or … or … God help me :smiley:

OK, so I’ll go for Super Ape, KT meets Rockers and one more … ?

Burning Spear - Garvey’s Ghost ?

Should be able to get those 3 for reasonable prices.

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Yes garveys ghost and pick a dub are musts

Except for KT meets Rockers :frowning:

Seems to have shot up recently then as I picked mine up in Fopp for £15, albeit about 5-6 years ago. Not an original pressing, of course.

Cheapest I can find, just useable (maybe) is over double that !


I have the 1984 reissue