I has made a thing

The other day when nerding out whilst replying to the Darwin thread

I remembered that I had something tucked away in the garage. A leftover from the days when I used to have a half share in a WW2 jeep

It’s a .50 cal BMG round. Obviously it’s inert.

So rather than have it sat in a box I decided to do something with it. Here’s what I did with 3 tools: a vice, a junior hacksaw and a file.

First I used the vice and junior hacksaw, and this is what I ended up with

Then the file

Can you tell what it is yet?

A very quick polish

Moment of truth, will it work? :pray:

Yay! Success! :man_dancing: it’s beer o’clock! :beer:

I know, my life is very dull.


Was hoping it was going to be a flute.


You could always increase it’s versatility and go looking for dental problems

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Thought is was gonna be an amphibious landing craft then a dog whistle but alcohol related makes far more sense.

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which half of the jeep did you own? top or bottom, front or back…

The half that always seemed to need money spending on it…:rage:


A butt plug that opens a bottle, novel.

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Is that the kind of bullet they thought a book would stop??

Looks like something you’d use to bring down a rhino

No point in it being a single purpose item Bob.

No, that was a .50 cal AE (Action Express), this is a .50 cal BMG (Browning Machine Gun) if you click the link in the OP you can see the difference.

The BMG has a lethal range of over 2 miles, as proved by a Canadian sniper recently

Canadian sniper ‘kills IS militant two miles away’ - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40372403

The AE is still a powerful round, and will penetrate upto a foot of solid wood, so an encyclopaedia would be no problem to it. A BMG would probably do a whole set of Britannica.

Thought it was going to be a crack pipe.

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That’s one way to check if it’s inert!

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