I hate Deluxe editions

dunno if it’s just me but I am starting to hate/loathe deluxe editions. When I were a lad something deluxe meant something better, something with a hint of luxury about it. It didn’t mean adding one or more discs with the same 3 or 4 tracks in various edits that weren’t good enough to be on the original release of the album.

And I don’t really want a disc of live versions of the songs either as we all know they have been mixed or edited or hacked in a studio to get them listenable in the first place.

Can I just have the original album, released either remastered well (not just with added loudness) or just as it was supposed to be.

Thank you.


Me too.

I was just looking at the Scorpions Blackout on Spotify (bite me).

Needless to say it’s the wank deluxe edition with a load of shitty demos tacked on the end. They weren’t good enough to release then, and that remains the case. Piss off.

Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra track (and a tacky badge)


Exactly so why do I have to have them on streaming services??? There’s not supposed to be any packaging.

Exactly but why does Voivod’s latest album need a special deluxe edition??? How many albums do Voivod really sell??? and instead of giving me this crap please go and sort out getting Nothingface on a quality stream instead (and not a wanky special edition).

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I love them, makes me feel special, a member of an exclusive deluxe club. Bring it on…

I find them very annoying generally but sometimes they come with good things too.

I’m going through a proper Beatles phase at the moment and chanced upon the 50th Anniversary Edition of Sgt Peppers on TIDAL. The main album is remixed by Giles Martin and sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve listened to it a lot over the last couple of days and there is loads of detail that I’ve not deciphered before but more than that it’s the presence and dynamics of everything. Good Morning, Good Morning for instance, absolutely rocks.

Everyone here has probably heard it, I’m a good couple of years late, but if you like The Beatles and haven’t, give it a go. :+1:


I hate box sets

You and me, we’re the same.

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White Album and Abbey Road are also very good.

I’m a sucker for box sets, my favourite is The Complete Bill Evans on Verve with its rusting case ……

I hate the price of box sets.


:+1: Yes, I’ve really enjoyed them. The White Album, already sprawling is an absolute monster! There is a great version of Revolution 1 somewhere on there with crazy vocals and then a long coda and strange noises/voices. :sunglasses:

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I am partial to a box set, but so-called deluxe editions are generally wank, containing fluff and frippery of little additional merit.


I’ve grown tired of box sets unless they are genuinely better/different reproductions (remastered, remixed or repressed) than the originals. All the “outtakes” shit can get to fuck. It’s just cashing in.

Just gimme a decent “new” version and I’m interested.


Yep, fucking hate them - waste of space, waste of money, waste of time.

I already own 1000X more music than I have time to listen to, I don’t need to wade through dozens of shitawful 3rd rate mono mixes, wanky banter, useless outtakes, etc. ad naus.

It can fuck the fucking fuck off…

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I’ve always avoided buying any of the extended recording sessions of the jazz stuff I like. Most of the remastered stuff always has a few different takes that add nothing to the original album taken out of context.

However, I picked up the Miles Davis Quartet 65-68 box set and it is a different beast altogether - there is some amazing stuff on it and recent Coltrane releases are the same.

I think the deluxe edition thing is just the new Greatest Hits bollocks.

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I hate the boxed sets that I didn’t get the first time round and are now unobtanium. Like the first two Fela Kuti box sets.
I didn’t have the material in them on previous releases either.

Deluxe editions and box sets are the dying record company model’s way of continuing to extract more money from you for shit you’ve already got.

Produce something that costs very little to ask you for a lot of extra cash, based on a few tantalising titbits, and with lots of music fans being the obsessive compulsive nerds that they are they absolutely have to have it.

The other technique to extract mo money is the overuse of spangly coloured vinyl reissues and or with limited/ numbered edition status.

You can criticise record companies all you like for this but they wouldn’t do it if their target audience wasn’t so desperate and gullible. The ‘record collecting’ bug (and worse, the £speculative dimension that some pursue) so deeply ingrained in some people is a license to print money for the record publishers.

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So much of this stuff is a marketing gimmick, but there are exceptions. All tube remastering (Or decent from the original master tape remastering) through to the sleeve construction. ERC epitomize deluxe re-issues for me. They release 300 copies of each title only (And ever!) Yes they cost ten times that of a standard re-issue (But then tend to only re issue £1K + LPs’ and shoot up in value themselves)
Artisan snake oil indeed but as a sick obsessive absolute quality nectar

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What will get me interested with a deluxe edition, is if there’s actually unreleased tracks… maybe a track or two that just didn’t fit on the original release, but was from the same body of work. But demo versions, live versions, outtakes etc… fuck all that bollocks. I’ll always just try to find the album, as it was, without baggage. Feels diluted otherwise. A decent remaster is a totally different story… if it sounds better and they want to call it deluxe, I’m in.