I hate Straya

FFS ! This is another reason not to live there…

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Not forgetting this recent one:

that’s is cool. I did tell Louise, ‘now here is a photo you don’t want to see’… guess what… curiosity got the better of her… and now its all my fault. I’m blaming the Ozi bloke on the internet.

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Nothing a shit load of fire won’t cure.

Ha !!

I know I have moaned about this before, but this is the main thing to hate about Shackledraggersberg:

The Pie Floater

I have three problems with this particular delicacy:

  1. It tastes worse than it sounds
  2. It is from Adelaide
  3. See 1 and 2.

Get-the-fuck-off !! 'Tis nectar that :grinning:


Mr Brain looks more like an ingredient from that photo.


Eat too many and this happens…


Needs ketchup AND vinegar :+1:t3:

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Excellent post. Possibly the best in the thread (except for any that take the piss out of Terry or feature spiders).

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This is for @MGOwner in particular.

“All I had was me jocks on and he was chasing me up the street and I’m just like, mate!”

Aussiest. Interview. Ever.

Further details here.

As a Aussie, the tats, long hair, wife-beater top and no front teeth combo just makes me proud.

Feckin’ amazing it is not in Adelaide though…:rolling_eyes:

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The whole place needs razing :poop:

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Funny as fuck that. No need for it to have happened in Adelaide - Brisbane is worserer!

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