I hate Straya



Yep. And they probably have a bigger pirate than Blackgang Chine.



To be fair, most squishy organic Volvo drivers would also be confused by them…


Why the hell are they letting kangaroos drive cars?


'Cause they don’t have Astras there silly.


Utterly rong,rong,rong stu-pid.Down here they proudly sport a HOLDEN post-it on the grille.:sob:


I used to drive a Holden, but sadly it was shite. Didn’t see many Astras in Fitzroy though. You’ld need to go to Toorak for a chance to see that kind of dreamwagon, even if it is some sort of plasticky Strayan bootleg.


not all are venomous - perhaps that’s why they are endangered


They are all fucked up wee beasties down there, even the cute platypus has venom!


Unfortunate segue from fucked up wee beasties to George Pell, but we can hope that he gets what he deserves:

I’m frankly amazed he hasn’t hidden behind “I’m too ill to travel”.


I’m sure we will see him wheeled into court, wheelchair bound and attached to a oxygen cylinder, ala Bond and Skase :rolling_eyes:


Don’t worry, he’ll get both of those things, once he’s inside :smirk:


And some genius critique from the Guardian (Australian Edition).




Probably only @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi and those of us ‘lucky’ enough to watch soccer (not football, natch) on the SBS in Straya would realise how much of an icon Les Murray was. TISM wrote a great tune about him

Think Jimmy Hill or Brian Moore in the late 1970s to realise how important he was (details here). He was also a nice bloke and came down to training at the Clifton Hill u/7s when I was coaching in 2001 after I sent him an invitation by email (not even expecting a response). The look of awe on the faces of the parents, kids (and the old Greek blokes smoking, drinking and gambling illegally in the clubhouse) is a treasured memory.

I hate that Straya is poorer for his loss. :cry:


Yes. Top bloke indeed.


More reasons…


I like the last line:

He said he was considering putting a bloodied piece of meat in the bay on Sunday night “to see if we can catch these things”.


In late breaking news it seems like most Strayans are in fact Kiwis. This is a bad, bad thing of course, but mostly if you are the Deputy PM where it makes your election to Parliament invalid.

Feckin’ shackledraggers…:roll_eyes:, oh wait…