I have no intention of spending money any time soon. But

Just for shits and giggles, what 4 seat convertible with decent power (lets say 0-60 in the 5’s or under) would be the meaty choice? And No 2x MX5’s is not an acceptable answer - I don;t fit in the bloody things.
Bonus points for something that would suit a rapidly deteriorating 50 year old with regards to ease of entry and exit, comfort and convenience features.

While I’d love this:

The reality would probably be

Also why is british gracing green (or any green other than that stupid Ford RS lime / baby poop green) not offered much any more?


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I have been trying to work out what sort of contortionist might be able to get in there - and if they can get in, can they get out…



forgot about this


To whom should I report you for depositing that pile of fugly upon my retina?



4 seater convertibles generally look fairly crap.

1 or two seats are the proper amount of seats for a convertible. If you need four seats buy two cars.

Here you go - perfik


C70 T5

Had a V reg one of them for a company car. It lasted 2 weeks before I took the Mondeo ST200 option.

Maserati Gran Turismo.


Green :+1:


Also green.

JAYSUS ! My eyes. My eyes :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Aston Martin .image

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That well known four seater cabriolet.

I fit in the back of my wife’s mini ragtop and I’m not a dwarf…

Where to put the Fortnum and Mason hamper?

As they don’t deliver out in the boondocks it is irrelevant.

This thread seems strangely familiar :thinking:

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