I pretend to hate cats

Cat got stuck in a room for an hour by the cleaner, so he scratched the new carpet, to no useful effect whatsoever, although it did cause some damage to it, and detach it from the gripper rods.

What a stupid cunt.

Are cats some kind of karma, or a test of my forbearance? I feel virtuous every time a day passes and I haven’t stamped on their fucking heads.

I was totally confident in getting two; we live on a busy road, so one would be dead by now. Fuckers keep on not dying, every day.



Cats are easily the most Dunning-Kruger animals around.

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Cat cage?

As long as it didn’t change the alignment of the gripper rods you should be OK.


Cats are a greater being - you are clearly not good enough for them, give them up for adoption.

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It seems that your cats have made a good start to their program. Your training is well under way.


Clearly it did have a useful effect.

Anyway what kind of cockwomble has a carpet and shares their house with higher feline beings

You need to channel your anger.

Serves you right for having a cleaner.:unamused:


not too long ago a stray cat jumped in my car while i had the boot lid up unatttended . it went in the garge for the weekend and moday morning some white scraggy thing shot past me ! leaving the most disgusting smell on the wet seat on the back … i was not a happy bunny :rage:

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