IC: 64 reg Mondeo Titanium X TDCi estate

It is time for an update and cascade of cars chez Kettle so before MrsKettle’s car gets launched for potential trade in I though I would check on the off chance that someone wants it here.

So: the car, a Mondeo Titanium X TDCi estate (6 speed manual) with about 65k miles in Leamington Spa.

For those for whom the sheer visceral system shock of an Astra may not lead to driving satsifaction, another route is available as exemplified by the Mondeo Titanium X estate. X in this case stands for “extend the lifespan of the Mk 4 until the Mk 5 comes out”.

The immaculately appointed interior leaves no doubt of the quality of the experience, leaving the driver in no doubt that, unlike most Fords, some expense has been spent. Leather is, if not everywhere, then actually somewhere including the seats.

The infotainment is particularly notable. In addition to a CD player and bluetooth connectivity which utilises at least some codecs, there is also the ability to play files from USB (in accordance with Ford’s meticulous approach to efficiency, this is for MP3 only rather than FLACs) and, in order for high fidelity annoyance at 5Live Sports Xtra, a DAB radio.

Exterior features include rear parking sensors and, in some cases, a reversing camera. This does not work consistently but if it doesn’t then there is a wonderful display akin to an 80s generated mash up computer graphic.

Overall condition is fair, there are a couple of scrapes from the vagaries of the Warwick maternity ward on the outside and the interior in the rear does have some evidence of the sort of usage that arises from having to go to the Warwick maternity ward.

Tldr: it is a Mondeo estate that looks like this and has a few toys.

Given the way the current market is, I was thinking £6k for people on here with £100 launched into forum funds. For reference Autotrader has one with similar mileage where even the advert says it is a shed for £7.5k. If anyone is interested for some random reason I can try and get some more pics of stuff.

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Stephen is this still available?

Thanks, Richard

Apologies, the various car sorting behind this hasn’t happened quite as quickly as I thought so we are still working things out here.

Wondered if you’d chopped it in for that beautiful blue Mk2 Jag…

Let me know if you plan to sell. Many thanks.