IC Slagle IO SUT

I’ve had a number of PMs and thought it only right that rather than de-rail someone else thread I do an separate one. It’s only an IC at this stage as I would like to actually hear it before I commit to selling it but I can see I am likely to need the funds so…

IC Slagle IO SUT

I didn’t think it was in good shape when I got it so I had Steve tidy it up (I hope the below is allowed)


I am looking to recoup what it has owes me which is £875 and would prefer not to post…


Takes me back, I turned the wood, our BobC mounted it :+1:


Usually more of a penance move than a bobc one

Too cheap though mike

and I had it for a time and it sounded excellent

Umm had a play with this at the weekend…Definitely need to hear with an IO it sounds far better than it has a right to with my Axia (and the loading plugs) after faffing with various earthing options got it very quiet too.

I’m going to put on hold any idea of selling it…

£Too cheap!

How many times, FFS ? !


I believe there is one in the classifieds :grinning:

Well rightly or wrongly I’ve the impression that might not be exactly what I am after…Ive also started a 401 project so that’s diverting funds too…


Well that SUT was basically designed for use with an Io.
I have heard your SUT with an Io in a previous owners system and it sounded very good indeed.

Back up for sale as I have committed to something else and need the funds. I didn’t have any firm interest but if anyone is interested let me know ASAP before I advertise elsewhere…

Your name isn’t Jack so I can’t claim my £5…


I used to own this so it has pricked my attention. I’m not interested in purchasing this. I have an Audionote Japan S9 that I wouldn’t want to px with you.


I’m gonna need an MM stage with this…Someone shoot my foot before I do :slight_smile:


Well I’ve put it on a couple of the other channels but other than the usual flurry of I do/I don’t I haven’t had anything definite yet…Would prefer it went to someone here ideally…

Too good to give away…If anyone is interested let me know…

(Or has a IO2/Gold that they may sell…)

Well Jack has still got his Jap S9 for sale, and Im still selling this…
(TBH they are completely different ratios and would suit different cartridges)

Yep, and I sold my ANS3L the other day so the market is clear for a nice Io SUT. GLWTS