ID these fungi

We found a load of these while walking yesterday. They smell great but does anyone know what they are? Initially thought St George’s but it’s apparently the wrong time of year so, any ideas?

Look like relatively young Clouded Funnels, loads about around us this year.

CF were considered edible once but some people have a very bad reaction to them so they’re not recommended these days.

Thanks, yes that was what FoL & his gf thought. Sad because they do smell very good. Still we did get a couple of very good sized parasols on the same walk so not all risky!

Apparently about 1 in 5 people don’t get on with them so the advice is to try a small amount & see whether there’s a reaction. Not sure I will though.

Make sure they’re properly good sized, a small Parasol can be easily mistaken for a Dapperling and that would be very bad indeed! Have seen a few in our woods in the last week.

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Haven’t found anything tempting recently, all the Ceps came during the wet spell during the summer. One Bay Bolete mid-October but all the Charcoal Burners trashed by wildlife long before I’ve spotted them. Couple more weeks if it stays mild so never know. Happy hunting

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Really wish I knew my onions when it comes to toadstools.

I’d never dare eat what I pick whatever as there seems to always be that bastard that slips in and gets someone.



Look like Blewitts. Not sure which ones. Will check and see if a definitive ID is possible from that pic.

If growing in open-ish area, then the appearance and habitat strongly indicate field blewitt. If woodland, then chonky wood blewitts. They are absolutely excellent eating - but cook them, not for toxicity sake, but just because wild fungi store badly and shouldn’t be eaten raw unless you’re sure they are very clean and fresh.

Envy: these are right up there with the nicest edibles you can find.

Satan’s toe jam.


The world is mad. Humans eagerly ingesting fungus is a case in point.


[dissmissive tut!]

Wood Blewit :star_struck:

First time I’ve seen them in any quantity around here


Nice. Odd season - lots of stuff came up late and I’ve no idea why, no early frosts, and no dried-out summer, quite the opposite on both counts. :person_shrugging: