Ideas for a 50th birthday gift?

How do. So I’m soon-ish turning 50, and I’m getting all sorts of requests for what gifts I’d like

I would be perfectly happy with being left the fuck alone

However, that’s apparently not an option, so:

I’m into hiking, photography, F1 and whisky, and not necessarily in that order

I’ve plenty of ‘normal’ price options, but people are asking (very nicely) for bigger ticket items

Photography tours/walks seem to have become incredibly expensive (1’000’s) among those I follow on youtube, but if anybody can recommend a decent photographer who does good tours in lakes/wales or Yorkshire I would be interested to hear their suggestions. I did previoulsy have a wonderful walk (for a birthday gift) with mark Littlejohn, but now he has decamped to the extremeties of Scottish, it’s a bit trickier for me to get to

I’m armed to the teeth with camera gear (and the stuff I lack is ridiculously expensive) so that’s not an issue

(Oooh, just had a thought … A ticket for Spa 2024, perhaps??)

If go with your Spa 2024 suggestion, perhaps the world’s best water proof clothing.

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Spa Paddock Club (full 3 days) or go home.

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In the past I would have suggested a vintage 1973 single malt, but with the (price) hype of the last 10-15 years this has become unfortunately a stupid suggestion. (which actally fits the AA style useless advice :slight_smile: )

To all the youngsters on the forum: grab your vintage while you can at decent prices, to pop open when you turn 50.

Here in D we have Jochen Schweizer, they have experience packages like e.g. Ferrari driving, maybe you a similar organisation in the UK?
Or alternatively ask for a contribution for your Harley Davidson purchase.

There was a lovely guy on the wam/pfm who is a brilliant photographer and might do you a tour or two, mark Littlejohn I think his name is, I bought an acc up base amp off him years ago

I plan to buy one of his photos one day as they all look fab and he specialised in the lakes, mountains landscape stuff

Just had a look and he does something for £250 that looks just the ticket for you

Oops just reread your post all the way, scratch mark as you already done it

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Thanks Darren

I’d love a walk again with MLJ again.

His website is a little put of date (!) and he’s now based somewhere up near Torridon

His daily FB posts (mark littlejohn photography) are a hoot

Tenna pads and carpet shampoo


The answer to these questions are always massive speakers


Nap Pod

Eight hand massage

Dinner foot

Man Toy


A gift so precious no-one ever gives it… :frowning:

Nice watch? Mebbe summat like a Heuer Carrera - motorsport heritage…
Think of it as man-jewellery…

Build one of these for shits n gigs, you might enjoy it. Wood, tools, resin, fittings etc, the list for presents is endless. The bonus is you get to enjoy it when built.

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Section hike of the GR10?

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Maybe ask them to get the Red Arrows to do a flyover?

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Which is just what I did :grin:


…and mine for my 50th :+1:


I didnt realise you had owned them that long :grin:

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Oh yes. Not going anywhere soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Well today was the day, and quite a day

Another day out with the camera and Mark LJ (if you know, you know)

A trip to the F1 in Azerbaijan in September 24

Quite a lot of lovely whisky