If I Won The Lottery

As I am part of a work lottery syndicate, maybe one day…I assume £1.5M as my share.

As I have 5 kids (19 - 26), I would set up an investment of £50K each towards a house/flat.

Pay off the mortgage I now have after my divorce two years ago (this would be the third time I would have paid it off FFS).

Stop working and take a break with the GF for 3 months in the far east.

Oh and look to move house when I get back to a slightly nicer one and then buy a couple of investment flats/small houses to boost the pension. Leave about £100K as a buffer.

Chop in the Porker 944 for a second hand Merc SL and a crap hatchback (£3K motor) to cart things about and take the dog places.

Far too sensible, but 20+ years is a long time to survive without working at some sort of good income level.

I may, just may, get a new stereo :sunglasses:

Surely if you just sell your stash of hi-fi you’ll make £1.5m

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I’d buy me a hifi forum.

Then probably fuck it up.


You are Ms ICHM in disguise :laughing:

Sadly it’s not that much. Just touching six figures though…:blush:

I was just a little bit sick in my mouth.

I have met Paul twice, not sure that counts…

I,d get new wing mirrors for the Astra


Typical! Win a fortune and blow the lot in a moment of madness!


A Scalford muffin, should leave enough change for a few beers.

Buy a holiday home in Devon.

Buy a big house in Swanwick or Pentrich just down the road.

By a horse for Donny wifey, and a pony for Amy.

All Sam is bothered about is the latest Xbox whatever and a big TV…

Buy whatever car Donna wifey happens to be swooning over at the time…

Buy a Subaru XV for me to potter about in.

Stop working.

Oh and:

A flat in the Golden Lane Estate. One of the Arne Jacobsen bungalows in the Interbau / Hansaviertel. A decent education for my two nieces. The rest on (mostly train) travel.

Buy a house with a much bigger listening room and a massive kitchen.

Pull the trigger on that classic 911 I’ve been trying not to look at again.

Give up work and focus on charity and campaigning for better access and outcomes for mental health.

Bit of travel first.

Buy a few records.

Top priority would be making sure that the kids were financially secure. Depending on the size of the win, I would pack in full time work and concentrate on doing those bits and pieces that I really enjoy. Ideally, I would spend a fair bit of my time enjoying the weather in Oz and travelling in general. A shack close to the beach like this would be just the ticket:

Other than that, I would settle for good health and time to enjoy the finer things in life (e.g. having the odd beer with my friends etc). Not really bothered about cars or hi fi or any of that bollocks. Good times and nice people is where it is at…

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Squander it on nice house with a nice garden by the sea - Perhaps Scotland

You need more than a lottery win to run a RX8 I’m afraid…

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I would plod along doing exactly what i’m doing now. Age 65 I would change my name to the human Bollard, move to California and have genital enlargement procedures leading to a whimpering girth then try my hand at porn.


What, just your hand?

I only had mine because I’m expensed from the moment I leave the house, but at 40p per mile still couldn’t pay for it.

Fantasy balloon popped in record speed.

Assuming a win of average size.
1 Set up house / education trusts for the kids.
2 Pay off all debts.
3 Buy a couple of investment properties to rent out.
4 Spruce up existing house.
5 Bloody good holiday with the family.
6 A small amount of reckless spending on geegaws and trinkets like cars / hi-fi / watches / and wifely equivalents / shoes / dresses / bags and the like
6 Invest whats left.

If fuck you euro millions money is involved then aside from less restraint in the reckless spending department I’d probably buy some land and have a house designed and build from scratch.
It’d be as self sufficient as possible with solar / wind / geo energy generation (but still connected to the grid for that nice fit payment) and have the obligatory home cinema and music rooms with some nice toys in it. Probably one of those underground garages with a car lift too, we are talking silly money after all.
And electric gates and a big wall to keep the riff raff out.

I’d not quit work though. I’m lucky enough to enjoy my job. I might cut down the number of days a week i work but I’d still want to do something.