Import Duties on Second Hand Stuff

We’ve got the possibility of buying a bargain kitchen second hand in the UK. I can probably deal with all the logistics of getting it down here, but I have no idea if it’s likely to get stung with import duties or not. Anyone looked into this at all?

Hmm, there’s an implication there that an item being second hand makes no difference to charges, given that you cannot specify.

Importing to the UK it makes no difference whether new or used you pay import and VAT on the price you paid. Not sure about importing to France but that calculator has been accurate all the times I’ve used it.

In some cases (as happened to me) HMRC may disagree and say the item is worth more than you declared/paid and charge based on what they think it’s worth. I got hammered trying to import a Mustang from the US, I was going to pay $7k for it and HMRC said they thought it was worth £25k.

Ok, that’s definitely worth knowing. I imagine the French are going to be being quite picky about things being imported from the UK at the moment tbh.

Can you not van it

…especially sparkling wine, cheese and roast beef :joy:

That’s the plan

It’s from your old house surely or friends or family

I think that VAT might still be due, even if you ‘already’ owned it

That’s certainly the case in importing cars from the UK to France, and was the case before Brexit.

Let me know how get on as we were always taking stuff forward and back to the house in France.

Back in the olden days of the customs union…

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