Import duties

Anyone have experience of importing electrical items from the states and can tell me what the duty rates are?

The .gov site is a little less than helpful.

You need to kind of find what the best match is here: UK Integrated Online Tariff: Look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates - GOV.UK

Problem is that amps are different to headphones which are different to recorders, etc.

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Yep, its a coffee grinder i want to import.
I cant find an exact match in commodity list :confused:

I’d be minded to use:-
Commodity 8509400000
Classification Food grinders and mixers; fruit or vegetable juice extractors


Should be 2% import duty from US + Vat


If you haven’t already, try ‘blender’, ‘food mill’, ‘food blender’ or ‘beverage appliance’ as search terms, the categories are often ambiguous, and a closest approximation should serve the purpose.

Yay! HMRC: “Making everything a nightmare so we can you fine you for it”.

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Excellent, thank you :slight_smile:

You can have a job at our company any time. :grinning:

8509 4000 00 seems appropriate.

Edit: I see others beat me to it. :skull:

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I hadnt thought to search that term.

This is a great tool for finding duty for things