Impressive engineering

Arrived this morning.

I recognise that it is quite a niche interest but I would love to see it being unloaded.


At last the London tube map with the Elizabeth line.

It won’t be running from end to end until later in the year.
It’s been rushed through due to the Jubilee celebrations.

It’s divided into three separate sections until work can be completed.

Bond St interchange isn’t even completed yet FFS!

It’s the first time I’ve seen the map. Quite a feat of engineering and spending/.

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It’s just a map Terry.

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Thanks Dave.

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Good to see infrastructure spending on Crossrail and the Elizabeth line really showing the benefits of levelling up around the country.


Remember the government have put their top man on this important job. Their top man.

I really wish the government would spend money further up the country. Something needs to be done to slow down the rush to live in the south east.

Vote for me. Ill make Leyland the Administrative Capital of the UK. I shall make Lancaster House (Enterprise House) the Houses of Parliament replacement.

Vote MGT.


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:scream::scream::scream:That is absolutely amazing! I wish there was more coverage of large-scale Engineering like this… Nowadays it’s just the latest inane drivel about some cunt on Insta-Face or Book-Gram… :man_facepalming:

Sorry, we’ve already got a new purpose built home for Parliament ready to go down here in Devon.


Which bit will the IT team be. I just want to work out best location for me and my team.

Oh that will be home working. :slight_smile:

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The Meatshire constituency unanimously didn’t vote Stronzetto.
His campaign manifesto of: Glue, naked Wednesday + subjugation to Denmark didn’t win a single jaded heart or befuddled mind.

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That’s a real vote winner. I’m happy to off Stronzetto a place on the cabinet should (when) I am elected…:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::negative_squared_cross_mark::grin:

Crossrail 20 Billon
HS1 6 Billion
HS2 100 Billion and counting
Common denominator… South East.
And people are actually falling for this levelling up pish.


DLUHC’s finest

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Portacabins in Watford Gap services car park should them for 20 years or so