Impulse Lali /h6

I’ve been after a pair for a wee while now, preferably Lali’s as the missus likes their look

It’s a long shot I’m sure but if anyone knows anyone that knows anyone that has a pair. I’m interested…

Or something similar … Speakers are the next step for me and then nirvana,

my room is a new build 4x3.5m living room. Suggestions more than welcome

Ta la

Bear in mind that the Lali is an updated H6. Drivers are the same - the styling was different.
Might broaden your search a little?

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a pair of these. Great speakers.

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Found a nice pair now to get them back from Dagenham. Any help much appreciated see plea in general chat :pray:

Lalis or H6s?

Sounds like a daytrip may be in order. :slight_smile:

H6s and in the finish I wanted. I’ve travelled further for things that are no longer with me. I have a feeling if these do it, I will throw in the towel :pray:

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Could I ask what you are paying for them? I have owned, used and loved a pair for around 3 years now (an absolute record for me) , but they are pretty tatty. Just wondering if I would be better off getting a tidy pair rather than restoring the ones I have.

Brumjam had a very tatty pair of H2’s and had a brilliant refurb and upgrade job done at RFC. Wasn’t cheap necessarily but they’re now good as new (better tbh) and good for 20 years.

Had my Ta’us pimped too - wouldn’t swap them for pretty much anything.

That’s the plan, Paul at RFC is gonna do his thing on external crossovers and tweeter change in the new year. I can’t wait to get them in the system

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What amp have you got/ intending to use with them John?

I’ve got a trilogy 918 ref pre and trilogy 958 monoblocs

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Ah yes, remember now. Nice, should go nicely with the H6’s :thumbsup: