Indulgence show 29th sep-1st oct

anyone who might be interested , the indulgence show is on in 2 weeks and looks to be interesting [if you go to shows and i know some don`t !!]



We went last year, we weren’t impressed

I’m waiting for Bristol and pie.

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Me too, I’m afraid, although the very thin crowd meant I did get to spend quite a while chatting to the guys from Kog Audio, which was a pleasure.


I went last year and enjoyed it.

I shall be attempting to blah a free ticket shortly.

Ffs … with the amount of wedge you’re earning you should be buying us all a ticket AND a muffin.

And that’s coming from a plumber. :slight_smile:

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Are you trade now @hifinutt? I see you are posting new threads in the trade discussion section on PFM about the Indulgence show.

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Well I secured a free ticket. Use code ROOBLA. Although there was only an allocation of 20 tickets for that code, and I’ve used one.

As for muffins: obviously a single muffin would require a “Rogue Trader” style embezzlement. Muffins for everyone might well bring down the whole of western capitalism.


ha no , just love hi fi shows and the indulgence one looks good . hoping the one in brum is a success becuase its a few mins away from my house and i am fed up having to travel miles to shows !!!

Well that’s 45 minutes of my life that I won’t get back.

Not very impressed this year.

Anything decent at all?

The Cabasse speakers looked great, sounded ghastly.

Of the two contenders for a new PMP, the Onkyo is fine, the Pioneer is the size of a fucking big brick.