Interest check for Viva solista 845 SE

On behalf of a friend who has one for sale,based in Bristol, it’s a monster Italian amplifier in excellent condition.
If anyone is interested I can put you in touch.
It’s a pretty serious amp 35kg and about 16k retail price, obviously he’s looking for offer’s.

Love the sound of Viva amps, fab kit.

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What is the power output?

22W per channel according to this:


weird, they’re using the other 845s as a rectifier

Marantz did this in the T1 also:

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They seem to like doing that.

The Marantz PP 845 amp years ago used 845 as rectifiers. (@coco just beat me too it!)

A long time ago I once built a PSE 300B amp using Vaic VV30B valves as rectifiers, it sounded amazing until the filaments snapped (they were prone to do that regardless of how they were used)

dual mono PSU using Vaic VV30B

then later version of PSU using rectifier valves, with audio circuit behind using Vaic VV30B

late 90s photos, no idea where they are now


211, no?

nope 845 (x4)


Oh, pretty sure mine had 211 rectifiers, must be a later version. :+1:

I’d imagine either would work the same because the grid is just tied to the plate in that application, meaning it doesn’t do anything, and the only difference between an 845 and 211 is the winding pitch of the grid to get a different mu.


The Viva used to belong to Ian of V-audio who passed away sadly a while back and has had not much use.
He left it to Jon in his will.

The first version had 211s as rectifiers. When I took mine to Giampietro & Amedeo a few years back they changed some of the gubbins inside (I think that’s the correct technical term) to make it a Mk3. One thing that changed was the front valves from 211 to 845.
AFAIK the MK1 version has the big red led on the front while later ones have a small blue led. Maybe this one has had the same update done?

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Some more information, it has been upgraded to a special edition apparently with superior transformers. .
Also Jon has a spare pair of 845s that will come with it.

Thats sad, always very friendly and helpful when i spoke with him.

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Yes, I think later versions have amorphous core tx. The original has a slightly dark upper mid and top. The mkll less bass grip perhaps but a more sparkly top end. All subjectively of course. :grin: I loved my mk1 but I swapped it in to upgrade and then got into active speakers. :crazy_face:

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Hi Jim,it is 22w per channel SE.

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‘Transistors’ lol. Someone doesn’t know the difference between a diode and a transistor. @AmDismal


U19 ftw

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Photo I found of the interior from a review.