Interesting Speakers

Like these, don’t care what they sound like, I want a pair.

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Apparently they sound very good, I had a chat with Tom Evans about those a few years ago as he supplied the amps for that photo shoot and did a lot of testing with the designer.

They look like urinals in an abbatoir.


They look like fluffy white cat homes.

Can’t have enough blue.


Here’s a link to them: AX Horns AXJETS

Even nicer in black

They do look very funky - how much are they.

I’ve dropped them an email asking just that.

Nice chunky horn, TAD.


According to a US site the list price is $66k.

Loose change to one of the Cheshire mafia.:grinning:

It appears that Deco Audio will be doing them.

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Yes look good think I would pick white - I’m even happy with the TV being blocked


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These seem quite the lure for attractive women with time machines. Who cares what they sound like?

Do they come in green ?



Nanoo nanoo?

Needs stirrups for a better view![quote=“crimsondonkey, post:11, topic:538, full:true”]


So, horn loaded full range drivers, hasn’t that been done before?

Even AxHorn were doing it in the late 80’s.