Interesting Speakers

Resistance is futile. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome :unamused:

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I had liked that post because of the link where people were selling horns, not because of those monstrosities lol

Novel use of the other halves nipple clamps!

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Thank you, my gratitude is only eclipsed by my ineptitude.

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Lumberjacks stole my speakers or maybe it was the Brownies?


Apologies for tiny picture.
Speaker size makes up for it.


Lovely free-range speakers, growing out in the wild.

Focal used to have a free range policy for their speakers, but they found they were hard to tame.

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and were cross breeding with screaming banshees

They make handy seats for round the campfire, and if the Brownies get a bit cold …


Didn’t steverb have some of these, at a bakeoff he had?
Mowgan Audio Ogma?

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beobloke has them as well, I nearly bought them a couple of years ago.

Think he has them up for sale now

Yes he does, and has them for sale.
I just remember these from about 10 years ago, at steverb’s.

Doesn’t he have the mega bucks Beolab 90’s ?


I believe he does.