Interesting stuff on the devil's shadow box

The Young Pope stars tonight. Looks interesting.

Agreed, but Jude Law makes my teeth itch.

Half way through season 5 of House incidentally. :slight_smile:

Anyone else watching Ash vs Evil Dead?


Will have a watch of the Guantanamo one in the morning.

Recorded Tombstone last night and just finished watching it. Bullshit, but beautiful escapism. I’m your huckleberry!

Yes, nice to have Sam and Bruce back together.

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The Obamacare one was very revealing. His team had to plait water to get enough votes to push the legislation through. And the situation was on such a knife-edge that all it took was a single unguarded comment from a candidate in an election campaign to derail the whole process at a critical moment, forcing compromises that Obama really didn’t want to make. Honestly, it made the whole US governmental process look like a TV soap opera.


And the Republicans will continue to try to repeal it it seems. I don’t like Republicans very much. They seem a little bit mental to me.

The first one about his first 100 days is very good. Highly recommended. Just watched it.

Season 2 of Humans starts on C4 tonight.

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Thanks for reminder. Hope it lives up to first series.

Watched Triangle. Thought it was good but not totally satisfying.


I think this was the best series of Ripper Street yet. First class.

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Westworld is pretty good.

Watched a couple of episodes of crazyhead last night. Kind of a modern british buffy with more swearing and modern ‘yoof’. I found it utterly hilarious and slightly disturbing.

Also the new lethal weapon tv series, not totally shit, not great but not shit.

Bugger, totally missed this, catch up TV…

Quite liking Crazyhead too.