Internal SSD for an Aries Mini

So after years of dithering about, I’m hopefully about to take receipt of an Aries Mini. Although Auralic’s website has a few guidelines as to the right size of SSD to get for internal plug-in, I’ve come across a few posts on various fora from people having issues getting their SSDs to work. Am just wondering what make/model of SSD people have, that use an SSD internally with theirs? Seeing as Cyber Monday deals are still on, now’s a good time to get one.

I bought the Aries Mini when it first came out and couldn’t get it to recognise the HDD no matter what I did and Auralic’s support was utterly shit.

Hopefully the firmware will be better now but I’d probably go with a main brand SSD like a Samsung as that is more likely to be supported.

Thanks Chris. I saw that one of the criteria was that the maximum current rate of the drive is 1,000mA / 1A. I wonder if some drives exceeded that.

But anyway, not sure how recent the Mini model I’m getting is. Worst comes to it, I can get a converter and plug it in externally.

not much of an issue for SSD as few will draw much more than 500 mA or so.

What you need is an SSD that doesn’t use any more than 5 Watts.

Our 1tb ssd works alright. Can’t remember the make.
Have the upgraded Auralic psu.

Did you find the PSU made a difference?

Haven’t tried it without. I bought it 2nd hand with it included.
It is supposed to improve it if you use the analogue out.