Introducing Mrs Millicent

I appear to have lost my account (previously known as Martha’s Dad).
I don’t know what happened here. However. . .

Following the terribly sad passing of Martha a couple of months back, I
think it is time to introduce, Old English Sheepdog rescue . . .

Mrs Millicent (AKA Milly)  

Our first sheepdog with a tail


Congrats on the new dog.

Regarding the other thing:

Great news - dogs are the best.

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Reply from Mrs Mills :slight_smile:

Dogs are just… The Dogs.
Rescue dogs even more.
Well done.

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That’s great news congratulations on your new addition to the family. I find that we only call ’ our Milly ’ Millicent when she 'has it on her '. Sadly these days not as often as we would like, ’ Militant ’ when she’s particularly dismissive of our requests/orders/commands and pleads. Very happy for you.


She’s a beaut. :slight_smile:

Lovely smile. :joy:

Hey Milly, you look a cracker.

Congratulations and many happy years ahead wished :slight_smile: