iPad battery replacement, worth it?

I’ve got an iPad Pro 10.5”. I bought it on here ages ago and it’s been great, but the battery is now fucked.

Apple want £129 and a quick googling suggests third party replacement is about £90-100,but not sure if that’s using an Apple battery or something random. Looked at trading it in and Apple offered me £65, against the most recent equivalent at £899! To be fair I don’t really need a Pro, but even the 10th gen starts at £499…

Is official battery replacement worth it? It still works perfectly and is fast and stable and still supported, at least for the time being, it seems a shame to bin it…

I’d say yes. Not sure it’s similar to the iPhones but when I took my iPhone in for a battery replacement they gave me a brand new iPhone. Exact same model. Apparently the batteries are bonded in and don’t always come out cleanly.

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Assuming the rest of the iPad is fine then definitely worth it.
The newer ones might be a bit faster with the M1 processor etc but for general stuff the Pro is plenty good enough imo.

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Or just sell it to me :wink:

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If I remember rightly your daughter is going to Japan. If so they are much cheaper over there. Might be an alternative option.

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Well, that might happen, my phone contract is up next month and I can get an iPhone 14 and a 9th Gen iPod bundle for a fiver a month more than I’m paying now, so thinking I might do that. Will think about it.

Also a good option, thanks!

Which network are you on Rob ?

If she buys it in BIC Camera or Yodabashi Camera the two big electronic chains she can get it tax free (8% or so) as well. Apple Stores can’t sell duty free as I recently discovered as they were caught not passing on all the duty on items sold.

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Tesco at the moment, which uses O2. But Virgin are doing some great deals at the moment, think they use Vodaphone?

My iPad is Wi-Fi only though, if that’s why you were asking.

Virgin is also O2 since the merger.

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Ahh, that makes sense now, FoL#2 is with Virgin and keeps getting offers from O2, we got into the O2 fanzone at Twickenham during the 6 Nations because she got a code from them. Did wonder why at the time! Thought it was because she’s all over the Rugby socials…

Just curious , I’ve just left o2 to join Vodafone and was tempted with a iPad on contract but their prices and apples support pisses me off so I’ve held firm. Would like a new iPad but the prices are crazy. I’ve got an iPad 4 in the drawer , perfect condition and battery. Just useless as it’s not supported anymore. I know that’s extreme as it’s years old but someone said to me the other day Apple are dropping support to 3 years now. Not sure if that’s true.

3 years is shit if that’s true. Mine is from 2017 I think, but still gets updates.

Very rare for Apple to drop support for stuff under 5-6 years old. There was a rumour the iPhone X and iPhone 8 would be dropped from the next release of iOS later in the year but there was a later rumour that they will be supported. They are both 6 years old later this year so will take them to nearly 7 if they are supported. Certainly much better than Android support.


If it works ok and copes with what ypu use it for then get a new battery.
(Environmentally the right thing to do, probably)