iPad oddness

When viewed from our iPad, the AA screens are empty, white spaces. Site looks fine from laptop and phone.

Have tried restarting the tablet, and clearing all website data/history. Makes no difference.

Anyone got an idea what’s going on?

The iPad has a taste & discernment filter activated?


Same here on my Android phone, but only with the embedded browser. On Chrome it still works. Possibly a certificate issue.

I’ve got the same problem, tried all the usual things but no luck

At some point in playing around I got a screen saying that the certificate didn’t match. Perhaps Jon could check? Other websites seem OK on that browser.
Edit, this may be a red herring. Just typing https:/www.audioabattoir.com into the browser brings up a message that the site doesn’t match the certificate. I thought that including www. was still OK, but maybe not.


Could be something to do with this:


Somewhat disappointingly, my iPad has no problems whatsoever logging in here. I suspect it is broken.

Our iPad is 3rd generation (old!) so supports up to iOS9 only. I wonder if that is something to do with it?

Have you tried installing a better browser like Firefox onto it?

From what I have read, both Chrome and Firefox only support iOS10 and later.

Same here, I am on iOS9, iPad about 7 years old I think.

Actually, my iPad has suddenly taken to asking me for a login to AA and then logging me out again. Very odd indeed. It is an iPad Mini 2 running iOS 12.2.1 I think. Must be five or six years old now.

Looks like the last update might have done some weirdness with regards to login states; I’ve had to log back in again on my phone, but laptop browser has been absolutely fine.

It’s possible that because some images are displayed as hotlinks that there are SSL issues cropping up there. If memory serves SSL for the site itself should be fine, but I might need to double check on that.

I am having to log in a few times today.
Definitely gone weird.

Ditto. iPhone and iPad.

Have to log in at least 5 times a day on iPhone

iphone, just works :smiley:

Unlike builders…:unamused:

It’s raining :smiley:

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