iPhone battery life

Replaced my old iPhone SE with a shiny new 11pro. Have to say the battery life is a big step up. Phone has been on since 6.30am, lots of checking emails and browsing and an hour or so if games and it’s still at 61%. The SE would have been sub 20 without a top up

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I don’t suppose that normally the fact that a mobile phone battery holds a useful charge from getting up time to going to bed time would be worth a post. But I appreciate that for an iPhone owner it is a bit of a novelty.

Hopefully it will happen again tomorrow :grinning:


Give it 3 months and it’ll be as shit as your old phone.


My se just died
Shame as I much prefer the smaller size over these ridiculous new ones, plus I’m not due an upgrade for a year

That’s partly why I got the pro, it’s not enormous.

If it’s the battery that has died and your not bothered about the latest model it might be worth having a new battery fitted by Apple. It was £29 for a new one for my iPhone 6s but has gone up to £49 now. But when they did it theyCouldn’t get the battery out so they gave me a brand new replacement phone. It’s apparently quite common as the battery are stuck in with adhesive. But worst case would be £49 for a new genuine Apple battery.

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Ta, worth knowing

I’ve given my old one to my mum and dad for FaceTime so battery life won’t matter much

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I’m going to get Ali the new SE to replace the old one. The two years interest free credit that Apple offer is a good deal.


I have a cheapish monthly tariff, so will see what they offer next year, or just go sim only

I’m sim only with Giffgaff. They use the o2 network. I wouldn’t want a contract again.

I just got a Xs on a cheapish deal from Tesco. Battery life seems quite good. The replacement battery cost doesn’t seem too bad.

The XR I have gets charged every two days. Seriously impressive battery life.