Looking to renew my ageing Samsung Android phone. Thought I might go back to an iPhone - I always had them as my work phone, so used them for several years - so what to get.

I’m definitely not going to be paying £1k for a phone so it’s either used or a cheaper new one.

The iPhone SE - 2020 - 64gb looks ok to me. Anyone got any hands on experience of one? They are £399 on the Apple site.

Alternatively, if anyone has a decent iPhone* for sale, I could be interested.

*would need to be unlocked or Vodafone

Son got one on Friday, feels nice, although I’m just using an£80 phone so I guess it would feel good.

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Ali’s got the 2020 SE, seems good.

I was thinking of going back too, but probably the 12 Mini because of my tiny Trump hands.

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I really liked the old se size wise

Current SE is good. I have an 11pro and should have just waited for the SE.

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What is it with all these midget phones? 11 pro max as a minimum


Welcome to your new title.


Way too expensive.

£399 is pushing it for a phone in my world

Bought a 2020 SE for FoL V2.0 for Xmas. She was thrilled with it. I would be inclined to go with one when/if I replace my phone as the 12s are all stupidly huge.

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IPHONE SE (2020) (cashconverters.co.uk)

My 85-year-old mum has one, and she gets on with it much better than her previous Android phone. My work iPhone 8 is pretty much identical, which also helps.

Power crazy you mods, who do I speak too to make a complaint?

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Cheers guys, ordered a new SE direct from Apple.


You wont be wanting my 4S then :rofl:

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I’m thinking of going BIG ! Due to getting old. Struggling to see!

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My 84 year old mum has one too. She just couldn’t get on with Android. It’s been a godsend this past year with FaceTime.

Just bought the XR for Zoe, she’s loving it. It’s got an amazing screen, all the features she wanted. £475.00 out of off of Tesco mobile.

The XR is a great phone, and was always a bit underrated because it wasn’t quite the shiniest. The battery life in particular was superb - I used to get two days even with heavy use. I’ve just upgraded to the 12 Pro Max, but only because I wanted a larger screen.