Is anyone selling a cd player?

To try and get back into music, hifi etc I’m going to start listening more through headphones and my little Ant Amber headphone amp.

So…has anyone a cd player they are looking to flog?

Budget or are you paying in golf balls?

Not sure really £200? ish?

I’ve got a Quad CDP2 which has recently had a service and had some Elite bits fitted. I don’t use CDs anymore so it’s going spare - might be pushing you outside your budget but it’s a good little player and has a good number of digital inputs so it’s pretty versatile.

Hmm…how much outside? Will you take cash and a single ‘clear that blockage’ plumbing voucher ?


Can I ask how much the CDP2 service cost Wayne, and what Elite bits went in ? I’m interested as mine needs looking at (send me a PM if you don’t want to ‘give a minute-by-minute commentary for fear of compromising your negotiating position’).


I’ve a silver XTZ CD100 sitting doing nothing - it’s had the DAC and PCB replaced by XTZ themselves - say £90 ?

Done! :slight_smile:


Buy a £25 quid Panasonic DVD player, bloody brilliant!