Is Democracy Exhausting?

I worked with an Aussie guy in the 90s. I remember him panicking that he hadn’t got his postal vote in on time. He did and avoided a fine.

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I might add that Oz has Proportional Representation too.

So there will never be another dramatic change then. A single government would never be able to create the NHS. Or privatise the public utilities. I suppose if we believe that nothing really needs changing then we could go for such a system. Because the examples that we have are demonstrably pretty useless at achieving much.


Of course not. There just needs to be enough support for the policy.

It would also help if parliament were more co-operative and less combative

TFF Parliament, more like.

They are a bit of a brake in all this headless, Lemming like, madness.

It’s only really the Lords that has helped much with Brexit. Commons has been quick to abandon the 48%!

But I agree fully with your basic principle that ministers need to be more accountable to parliament

I have a degree (2:1 natch :sunglasses: ) in Economics and Public Policy but the closest I have ever come to having a vote on something meaningful was when we chose the pork pie for Scalford at Browellm’s bake-off about 7 years ago.:yum:

I don’t moan about the situation though - it’s all pretty irrelevant to the quality of my life which bunch of corrupt cunts are in power, and naturally I don’t give a fuck about anyone else.:mask:

I’m am still very annoying and disappointing though - even to myself.:persevere:


I is annoy and disappoint.

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Is that ‘of course’ in the same way that there was universal support for Bevan in 1946 and the Labour party was right behind Mrs Thatcher in the 80’s ? That sort of ‘of course’ ?

Like all other parliaments the world over :wink:

EDIT: Actually I believe the Chinese parliament mostly get on pretty well.


I would like mandatory exam requirements for all politicians to the level of PhD. with yearly review.
I appreciate there are very cleaver cunts in this world, I do however find it more offensive and concerning to have thick cunts at the helm. If people vote for celebrity, buffoonery and ‘story’ over facts and truth then perhaps Stronzetto really is in with a chance? it seems to have worked wonders for democracy in the USA

The ‘cult of personality’ is king in the modern age.

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I appreciate people ‘buy people’ I also believe this is not the intelligent way forward for humanity. In the same way I believe ‘infotainment’ is vastly different to truth.


That can’t be right.

I give to you -

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Contradiction in terms - humans are massive cunts.

The sooner we have a nuclear war or get hit by a fuck-off meteorite the better for planet Earth.

In fact I’d even go to the effort of voting for that if if were an option.:+1:

I’m nearly with you on that. But somewhere deep inside me is a flicker of hope. It’s generally getting dimmer as the years go on but sometimes something will happen to make the flame a tad brighter for a few seconds.

Then I remember that, yup, the world is full of cunts.

You spelled “cult” incorrectly.

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Well most of the PhD level “professionals” I’ve met could hardly make a cup of tea for themselves let alone do anything useful. Their brains work in a different way, not necessarily making them suitable to run a country.
I would say a decent level of common sense would be much more useful than a PhD in politics.


In this day and age our politicians should be voted for through the medium of reality TV and mobile phones.

Mobile phones if we must, but wtf is reality TV doing in there. If it must appeal to the masses a coliseum/ lion thing would be heaps better. Win the vote, get past the lion(s) and into parliament you go.

There won’t be any lions left soon and anyway they would be considered ‘foreigners’ by many of the UK electorate so maybe council estate pit bulls would be a better choice.