Is The Simpsons racist?

Now we have the catchy healine, we can delve a little deeper. Are the tropes from the show - Apu; Krusty; Willie; Ned offensive (to some) to the groups they portray?

Is voicing Apu, for instance, any different to a white guy “blacking up”?

This is a really good, thoughtful article


Yes, good question.

Would it be any different if Apu’s voice was done by an Indian guy?

I think that the main issue is that the secondary characters are very one dimensional. This is hardly surprising - it’s a short cartoon, not the kind of format for extensive character development. So the minor characters are basically stereotypes.

I think that it would be better to have more minor characters, so you could have a greater range of them. It wouldn’t matter of the Simpsons was just one series, but given how long it has run, they could have expanded things more.

It’s getting a bit silly now:

A true Scot, oor Willie. Supporter of the Auld Alliance. I’d guess he has a plan in mind for Trump’s golf courses.

Groundskeeper Willie Takes Up the Chalk ("'Round Springfield")

That’s prompted me to think that they’ve missed the chance of a raft of child characters.
Bart, Lisa and Maggie could easily develop an inappropriate/odd friendship for a single episode.

I think they should have aged the characters to mirror real life personally, that would have been great.


Do the Simpsons offend you @htm_1968 ???




Nope. The yellow is nothing to be precious about.

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Don’t eat the yellow snowflake.

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This is good advice.

But so far off topic it’s unbelievable

I think overly worthy “PC” stuff like this does the cause more harm than good.

That’s what I think.

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No, really??? :thinking: