Is the term 'gammon', racist?

We had a different name for these people when I was younger. Fucking, fascist. , cuntbags I think was the term.

Racist my left nut.

Context usually helps.

BBC question time invited the same nine bigoted, angry men onto the show so many times they became a meme on Twitter. Some clever Twit described the image as a “wall of gammon” thanks to their angry gammon coloured faces.

Anyone that thinks this is racist doesn’t understand racism.

Racism is to discriminate against a person or group of people on the grounds of their nationality, religion or ethnicity. These angry men have only one thing in common and it’s not their nationality, religion or ethnicity, it’s their stupidity.


It suddenly makes backgammon sound like a description of a UKIP/Conservative voter.

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I’m pretty sure racism is limited to race and ethnicity.

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Quite right. :+1:t3: