Is there a comparison website for energy that doesn't want to sign me into their Spam programme?

So, I’m a dual fuel gas and electric customer. My rate is about to change and I’d like to compare other providers’ rates. Moneysavingexpert tell me they can do this for me, but they say I have to give them my e-mail address and agree to being told about other rate changes etc etc etc. i.e. Spammed. I tried uswitch. They’re the same. Like all things unpleasant, they don’t lead with this requirement (that’s how you can be sure it’s going to be unpleasant).

Does anyone know of a website that just gives you, on the screen, the answer - you enter your property address and usage details and they tell you who will be cheapest ? Not difficult, is it …


This annoys me too, I don’t think websites like that exist. They all want your bloody life history before answering a simple question. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

MSE will send you very little and it will be just what it says. Uswitch aren’t bad either.

I would say steer clear of the auto switching sites (haven’t looked at MSEs) as the rates are higher than you can get yourself


That’s MSE’s email trigger filter.

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What they say is

By signing up to the Cheap Energy Club service you agree that we may regularly contact you by email about energy savings, including letting you know when you can save money, telling you about energy savings news, letting you know about energy deals and when your energy tariff is ending.

(my bold). I don’t want to know regularly about energy savings news. Do they really never e-mail you, about anything, unless there’s a saving above your threshold available ?

I can’t remember Graeme. If it causes you that much consternation, just create a burner email address for the site and never read them.

I use MSE cheap energy club and get about 2 emails per annum. They wanted very little info from me. If that is too much for you you will almost certanly have to do the legwork yourself.

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I did that. Because I never read it I’ve forgotton the password :confounded: :roll_eyes:.

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2 emails per annum would be fine. 2 per week would be irritating (disproportionately, I agree, but I’m strange like that …).

You don’t get many, especially if you set the saving toward the upper bracket.

I might well go with it :+1:.


If you are an apple fanboi, their email allows you to create aliases, I create one to do comparisons and then delete once they’ve emailed the results over.

Or, you could do what I did.
Read up about the best energy providers, and just look at their websites.
Octopus and Bulb are two to start with.
The best energy supplier in the UK in 2021 | TechRadar

I could. Sadly people keep pestering me to fix their bust hi-fi. Plus my in-laws are coming for a visit next week and my wife thinks that tidying the house up is important.

Also, today is the first day of summer, and the sun is shining … and I am sitting in a gloomy study trying to work out whether e.on (as of 5 minutes ago, MSE’s recommended provider) will offer me the deal in advance of installing smart meters and, indeed, whether they actually have an installation programme in this neck of the woods and, if they don’t, whether that means the deal on offer actually isn’t on offer …

To paraphrase Housman:

… Now, of my threescore years and ten,
Sixty-two won’t come again,
And take from seventy springs that score,
It only leaves me eight more.

And since to look at things in bloom
Just eight springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.

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The link I posted is quicker to read, than all you have done up to now. Bulb, for instance, answered the phone quickly, answered my questions, and as it turned out, I had a bit of a problem, thanks to another provider, and they sorted that quickly.
And if you want a referral, it will make us both £50.

I’m changing suppliers to Octopus in about 3 weeks.

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Quicker to read, yes, but then you have to start phoning people. I got an answer (OK, most of an answer - see above for the stuff about smart meters) in 30 seconds or so from MSE. The people they recommended aren’t mentioned in your link.

Apparently bulb are about to hike prices and lose their position as Best Buy (last MSE weekly newsletter)

Plenty of people on here can give referrals for Bulb and Octopus.
there is even a ‘Refer all the Things’ thread