Is there a 'go to' Fall Album?

Yet another band that I only paid :ear: service to.

Possibly a bit late to start now, but, as title please.


Tis never too late, I never got them till I saw them live, and that was 20 years ago. Some are better than others try bend sinister, or perverted by language .
I’m sure others have their favourites.

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No, there is no go to Fall album. There’s rather a lot of them and they really are different, so all you’ll get is people’s favourites.

I’d also say Bend Sinister and add Live at the Witch Trials, This Nations Saving Grace, The Wierd &Frightening World of the Fall, Extricate, & Frenz Experiment.


Compilation - too many albums to make much sense of - I recently bought “A-Sides 1978-2016: Deluxe 3CD Boxset” which is enough Fall for anyone (unless Vacdac liked The Fall, which seems moderately unlikely…). Mind, I see Amazon’s pretty much doubled the price now, chiselling bastards…

As it seems to be such a big subject, I’ve gone for this, so I can get a feel for which tracks I like, from which Albums and I’ll go from there :+1:

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The answer is “No.”

Live at The Witch Trials
The Wonderful and Frightening World…
Fall Heads Roll
Reformation Post TLC

…are alright though.

The Fall were uniquely suited to the Peel Session format. If I were recommending somewhere to start I would say try this:

The details are here:

My personal favourites are session 7-11. ‘Australians in Europe’ from Session 11 was played as tune #4 at my wedding reception to annoy the large shackle dragging group clustered at the bar.


I saw that. Would have been my first choice but tres mucho cash.

Leave it for a few weeks Mike, and make do with Spotify, it’s just the usual posthumous feeding frenzy. That Peel session box set usually goes for about 30-40 quid.

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:+1: Sage advice - the A-sides set was £9.95 a couple of days ago… :open_mouth:

Going to do exactly that @Rob998

Will take another look at the Peel box in a few weeks. I’ve got the A- Sides set for now, at £16 feckin’ 35 !

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As said, streaming is your friend right now. Scroll down track listings, be tempted by an outrageous song or album title and belly flop yourself right in there.
And be thankful the back catalogue covers decades, because we arent ever remotely going to see their like again.

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Agreed. Likely to be the bulk of tomorrow evening’s listening :slight_smile:

Buy them all, as and when you come across them.


I could never take on the enormity of The Fall. They seemed a bit too intellectual for me as a teen, even though I really liked Rowche Rumble, Container Drivers etc,etc. The back catalogue grew too huge too quickly for me though and they seemed to demand complete devotion. I am not sure even now that you can be casual in any way about them.

This last week though, I have listened to them almost exclusively and it has been hugely refreshing. Currently I have Hex Enduction Hour as the go-too after listening to several others which have all been good. HEH is utterly compelling.

I bought the whole catalogue for £1.95 when there was a mad deal on amazon.
Then my laptop died,so i have lost the lot.


That ain’t good.

Still have the laptop so don’t know if it can be retrieved

Can see exactly what you are saying here.

Prodigious output, with about half of every Album I have played so far being inspired, the other half being meh !

So far the ‘A - Sides’ compilation that sodders recommended is about right, for me.

We’ll see where it goes.