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As the 7th of October Hamas activity occurred in territory illegally occupied by Israel, it appears that under international law it was self defence (armed struggle) and as the occupying force Israel has zero right to perpetrate anything whatever, without it constituting a war crime, including reprisals, let alone genocide, AIUI. That’s not to say the Hamas actions might not also as they involved kidnap, hostages and civillians. Interesting analysis here.

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“WHO calls for protection of humanitarian space in Gaza following serious incidents in high-risk mission to transfer patients, deliver health supplies

WHO reiterates its call for the protection of health care and humanitarian assistance in #Gaza, following military checkpoint delays and detention of health partners during a mission to transfer critically-ill patients and deliver supplies to a hospital in northern Gaza.During the mission, a patient reportedly died.

On 9 December 2023, a WHO team, in collaboration with the @PalestineRCS and the @UNOCHA, and with support from the @UNDSS, completed a high-risk mission to Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City to deliver medical supplies, assess the situation in the hospital, and transfer critically-injured patients to a hospital in the south.

The mission delivered trauma and surgical supplies, enough to treat 1500 patients, to the hospital, and transferred 19 critical patients with 14 companions to Nasser Medical Complex in south Gaza, where they can receive a higher level of care.

On the way north, the UN convoy was inspected at the Wadi Gaza checkpoint, and ambulance crew members had to leave the vehicles for identification. Two PRCS staff were detained for over an hour, further delaying the mission. WHO staff saw one of them being made to kneel at gunpoint and then taken out of sight, where he was reportedly harassed, beaten, stripped and searched.As the mission entered Gaza City, the aid truck carrying the medical supplies and one of the ambulances were hit by bullets.

On the way back towards southern Gaza, with the patients from Al-Ahli Hospital on board, the convoy was again stopped at the Wadi Gaza checkpoint, where PRCS staff and most of the patients had to leave the ambulances for security checks. Critical patients remaining in the ambulances were searched by armed soldiers.

One of the same two PRCS staff temporarily detained earlier on the way in was taken for interrogation a second time. The mission made numerous attempts to coordinate his release, but eventually—after more than two and a half hours—had to make the difficult decision to leave the highly dangerous area and proceed, for the safety and well-being of the patients and humanitarian workers. (Three ambulances carrying extremely critical patients had already continued onwards earlier, while three remained with the convoy.)

PRCS reported afterwards that during the transfer process, one of the injured patients died, as a result of his untreated wounds.The PRCS staff member was released later that night after joint UN efforts. Yesterday, the WHO team met him, as well as his father, supervisor, and colleagues. He said he was harassed, beaten, threatened, stripped of his clothes and blindfolded. His hands were tied behind his back and he was treated in a degrading and humiliating manner. Once released, he was left to walk towards the south with his hands still tied behind his back, and without clothes or shoes.

Detentions have happened previously during humanitarian missions in Gaza.On 18 November, six people from the Ministry of Health and PRCS were detained during a WHO-led mission to move patients from Al-Shifa Hospital. Four people–three from the Ministry of Health and one PRCS staff—are still in detention, more than three weeks later. There is no information on their well-being or whereabouts. This is unacceptable. WHO, along with their family, colleagues and loved ones, is deeply concerned about their well-being. We reiterate our call for their legal and human rights to be respected.

Obstructing ambulances and attacks on humanitarian and health workers are unconscionable.

Healthcare, including ambulances, are protected under international law. They must be respected and protected in all circumstances.

The difficulties faced by this mission illustrate the shrinking space for humanitarian actors to provide aid within Gaza, even though access is desperately needed to alleviate the catastrophic humanitarian situation, as called for in the resolution adopted by the WHO Executive Board members on 10 December.

WHO and partners remain firmly committed to staying in Gaza and assisting the population. But as hostilities increase across Gaza, aid falls short of needs, the humanitarian support system is on the verge of falling apart.The only viable solution is a sustained ceasefire, so WHO and partners can work safely and unhindered to strengthen a deteriorating health system, replenish critical supplies of fuel, medicines, and other essential aid, and prevent disease, hunger, and further suffering in the Gaza Strip.

Note to editors on Al-Ahli HospitalDuring the above mission to the heavily destroyed Gaza City, WHO staff saw hundreds of people, including women, elderly people, youth, and children, who seemed surprised to see aid workers in the area given the highly volatile situation and insecurity.

WHO staff described Al-Ahli Hospital as in a state of “utter chaos and a humanitarian disaster zone.” It is extremely congested with many displaced people and over 200 patients, while it only has enough resources to support 40 beds – half of its original bed capacity. The building has sustained substantial damage because of the hostilities.

Doctors said the situation is “beyond control” as they face shortages of fuel, oxygen, and essential medical supplies, as well as a lack of food and water for patients and themselves. Health staff capacity is minimal, nursing care is extremely limited, and the hospital is relying heavily on volunteers.

Faced with vast numbers of trauma patients inside the hospital, and outside on the street, doctors are forced to prioritize who receives care and who does not. They are treating many serious cases in the hospital’s corridors, on the floor, in the hospital chapel, and even in the street. The hospital is severely short-staffed, and it is lacking the ability to perform vascular operations. Limb amputations are decided as the last resort to save lives.”

World Health Organisation


As horrific as this is, I’m not even mildly surprised. Mental Israeli gov needs took to task by US. It’s the only person he will listen to. Until that happens the right wing mentalist will have a free pass for war crimes on innocents and kids. He’s a cunt. But the US and UK are still backing the genocide.


“About 1,550 families have lost multiple members, according to health officials in the Hamas-controlled territory. At least 312 families had each lost more than 10 people by November 23, the officials said. Aid agencies speak of the all too common use of the acronym “WCNSF” — short for “wounded child, no surviving family”.”

“Campaign group Amnesty International documented in detail five cases of air strikes wiping out entire families, saying the attacks should be investigated as potential war crimes. In response, Israel’s foreign ministry claimed Amnesty was “an antisemitic and anti-Israeli organisation”.”

The ‘anti-israeli = antisemitic’ lie again.



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This is the correct word. The latest death-toll is ~18,500. Israel, naturally, claims most of these are terrorists. Reality is most are likely civilian collateral.

What’s happening in Gaza fulfills three of the five conditions for the formal, official use of the term ‘genocide’. Any one of those conditions is enough to define a genocide as taking place.

Ironically, the term was only coined in the 1940s to describe the systematic destruction of European jews by the nazis.

As this continues to play out, I suspect that we will be witnessing an attempt at wholesale ethnic-cleansing by Israel. It’s what they’ve been doing since 1948 - squeezing the whole of Palestine into ever-smaller areas. Gaza was already a giant concentration camp.

The West is - and always has been - too cowardly to call this out. The might of the A-word writ large…


Bombing schools & hospitals is not normal.

Until it is.


From Led By Donkeys


From the BBC.

The IDF has given more details on how it mistakenly killed three hostages in Gaza on Friday.

An IDF official says one of its soldiers saw the hostages emerging from a building without shirts on, holding a stick with a white cloth on it.

The soldier felt threatened and opened fire, declaring that the men were terrorists, the IDF official says.

Two hostages were killed immediately and one was injured, and ran back into the building.

Then soldiers heard a cry for help in Hebrew, “and immediately the battalion commander issued a ceasefire order”, the official adds.

After a cry for help was heard from the third injured hostage, an IDF official says soldiers opened fire again and that hostage also died.

So, far more humane treatment than if they’d been Palestinian civilians.

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Tells you a great deal about Israel’s claims to have shot however-many-thousand ‘Hamas fighters’. They don’t know who they’re shooting.


Of the 18,894 killed in Gaza to date, optimistic estimates are that ~33% are ‘Hamas terrorists’. Since Israel includes stone-throwing children and anybody holding anything in a public place in that definition, you can make your own deductions…


Under Mr Gallant’s now “four corner” plan, Israel would retain overall security control of Gaza.
But the document adds that Palestinians would be responsible for running the territory.

Although I suspect this was their plan all along though

Some far right-wing members of Mr Netanyahu’s government have said that Palestinian citizens should be encouraged to leave Gaza for exile, with the reestablishment of Jewish settlements in the territory

So, bomb the fuck out of Gaza and then expect the rest of the world to foot the bill for reconstruction (or building of the Israeli settlements)

A multi-national force would take charge of rebuilding the territory after the widespread destruction caused by Israeli bombing.



Lol, any Israeli soldier in the Gaza strip would be a target for the thousands of new recruits they created. Numerous bat shit crazy organisations will give them guns. The Israelis really should ask the UK how this approach panned out in NI and we were dealing with slightly less bat shit crazy types. Also noting we didn’t bomb the shit out of the resident civilians.

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There were media stories about Netanyahu and his support for Qatar funding Gaza (Hamas) to create instability and in-fighting but others saying it was to make Hamas a viable threat he could politicise and distract from his court cases and corruption.

Putting my tin foil hat on, with this much warning were they just inept or deliberately ignoring the warnings?

Noa, not her real name, says they would pass information about what they were seeing to intelligence and higher-ranking officers, but were powerless to do more. “We were just the eyes,” she says.

It was clear to some of these women that Hamas was planning something big - that there was, in Noa’s words, a “balloon that was going to burst”.

The BBC has now spoken to these young women about the escalation in suspicious activity they observed, the reports they filed, and what they saw as a lack of response from senior Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officers.

We have also seen WhatsApp messages the women sent in the months before 7 October, talking about incidents at the border. To some of them it became a dark joke: who would be on duty when the inevitable attack came?

These women were not the only ones raising the alarm, and as more testimony is gathered, anger at the Israeli state - and questions over its response - are mounting.


Sadly predictable response to the ICJ from the Genocide gang.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s security minister responded to Friday’s ICJ ruling by tweeting: “Hague Shmague”

We’ll be seeing now that the much vaunted “International Rules Based Order” doesn’t actually apply to some countries.


They’re probably struggling with the precedent taking action of any kind would set - after all, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, 'n all that…

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