Issues posting from Android

I Can’t post on an android mobile phone

What I mean is I can’t edit, quote or reply to posts

No problem here.
And edited.

There’s an intermittent fault. It’s actually Chrome that’s the issue not the forum.

The workaround at the moment is to reload the page. Your text should be retained.

I am using Chrome.

I also get this about 50% of the time on Android.

No issue with Windows.

perfect here on android with chrome here - never really had a problem

Ah, I’ve been having some problems both from my ancient Android tablet and newish Android phone. Reloading the page doesn’t help, I have to restart the device, and yes, the text is retained.

This is a test post from my shitty Alcatel POP4 Android phone.

Now testing edit

Yay, it twerks.

I can barely use an android phone but aa never has a problem at all with it

I have issues with it too. Android chrome…

Withdrawal method applied

The bit that really peeves me is the software insistence on going to the start of the thread, rather than the last post.

Never get that, you might want to look at your forum settings.

Nor I.

Me 3

I’ve made progress, but not fully sorted yet.

Still finding that both upload and hyperlink produce text link in allotment thread.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if you paste a link etc. and then hit “Reply” immediately, the auto-box thing doesn’t work.

You have to wait for the software to save back to the server - the word “saved” appears below the text input box - then it works.

Also leading and trailing spaces can kill the box thing.


Any other useful incantations you know?