iTunes problem

I am trying to install iTunes on my Windoze 10 PC, it is only a couple of months old so I don’t think I have had time to fuck it up yet, but iTunes will not install. Every time I try I get a message saying “Errors occurred during installation, your system has not been modified”.
Any suggestions?



My suggestion is fuck iTunes.


I didn’t even know you could put itunes on windows. Thought it was Apple only. Goes to show I know nothing of this modern world

Difficult when you own an ipod


Restart the computer and try again


Fuck iTunes. The windows version is just about the single worst piece of software I’ve ever encountered.

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That’s a fair summary of how it was when I last used it, but that’s well over five years ago now.

So should I sling my 160 gb iPod?


Nope, that bit of kit still works for me.

Could be a previous dodgy download.

First, right click windows button.

Select search, key in Control panel. Find Load programs and features.

delete itunes if it is there.

Right click windows button again. load Windows Powershell (admin)

key in shutdown /f /s

then return

This will do a clean shutdown and not pick up the crap still retained in cache.

Then restart and try itunes again.

Otherwise, load a version of Linux :grinning:

iTunes is a shit show. I don’t even use it on my macbook, VLC media player is miles better and doesn’t constantly try to sell you stuff.

There are lots of ways to manage an iPod without iTunes - just Google.

yes, just use your phone. And if it’s an iPhone ditch for something (Android) useful.

If you have a phone that takes SD cards, you’ll be surprised how cheap a very large card is now.

When I had that iPod I drove it with MediaMonkey, but I don’t know whether the free version will do this.

You could also try installing RockBox on the iPod. Again, I don’t know whether it’s compatible.

Not necessarily, /f sends a kill to the open programs/tasks if they don’t close or respond within 2 secs it kills them.

/f is not a clean shutdown.

PS iTunes is a load of old monkey spunk.

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