I've gone full executive


Well, the Celicas have served me well, the Gen-5 ST182 I loved but various problems ending in headgasket failure meant I moved to the newer Gen-7 VVTL-I T-Sport, was great fun and hillarious when in lift above 6k rpm! Supprisingly flexible too with the large boot and folding seats!

Comfortable, however it was not.

I had been looking for something more comfortable for the mainly motorway/a-road driving that I do while still being somewhat practical and a nice smooth engine.

I’ve ended up with the Executive special, an E90 N52 330i SE! The indicators take a little getting used too :wink:

After ~400 miles so far I’ve averaged a smidge over 30mpg which I am pretty pleased with!

_20190112_153824 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


Nice, 6-cylinder goodness.


Have they wired them up?


No idea, move the indicator stork and floor it and don’t look back!


Lovely Rob, congrats :grin:


Stork? It has storks? :anguished:


Where do you think German babies come from.


Doh! :smile:


I had a 330i - loved it.