I've read it all now

I’m up to date. I’ve finished reading the General Chat section, and I still don’t know what Jim is having for his dinner.


You Ok Hun?


Read it again.

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What his daughters tell him.


fast slow reader


That is 45 minutes of your life that you will never get back. Why not do something useful like some work or have a quick relaxer to help yourself over the disappointment of the AA in general and Jim’s dinner in particular.

I’ve written 1000 words of the keynote speech I’m giving soon, Google assures me that’s about 6 minutes worth. So, only another 9000 to go. I needed a break in which to procrastinate, however, coming here was a mistake. :slight_smile:

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Now wipe and wash your hands.


Draw some graphs. Also, starting with an irrelevant story and explaining why it is relevant seems a popular wheeze these days…

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Yesterday, when I was planning the talk I decided to write an 80’s TV character quiz and post it on my blog here http://www.thetimepit.com/ Have a go if you are really bored!

I was quite proud of it. Sadly my speech is about the Internet of Things and it’s impact on the building controls industry, and not on the cast of Tenko!

My powers of procrastination know no bounds.

Both boxes long since ticked!

It’s gone quiet as everyone is doing the quiz. Hahahahaha


'80’s TV? I was out that decade


Blatant this is shit look at my blog instead post.


Oh hi Mark. :smile:

Hi Snugglebuns. Keeping well?

Yeah, not bad thanks, I’ve joined the “fat lad at the back” gang recently, trying to cycle off the wine and pies. Small amount of success. Are you still on the velo?

Aye lad. Did RideLondon again this year. I have noticed you are on Strava now.

I have lost a stone and a half this year so far. Slow and steady.
Are you on roading or off roading with your cycling?

I shall not mention anything at all about saddles being able to be moved back at all. No siree.


Try to get a picture of a baby into your talk. There’s double points if it can be a picture of you with the baby, and double again if it’s you when you were a baby. I’m only half joking.


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The last Star Trek movie explained that.

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