I've run out of swearwords... give me some more

So after our cunt of a PM, shat out the idea of clapping for someone’s death, someone who was actively trying to reverse the effects of millennia of Tory rule on the NHS. It occurred to me that ‘cunt’ was no longer sufficient to describe the extent of my loathing for Johnson and his cronies. I’d, HORROR, run out of swearwords.

So, this being a cultured, well traveled and informed forum I thought I’d ask if any other languages could lend anglo saxon a helping hand.

I’ll start off with ‘Bhenchod’ (directly translating as ‘sister-fucker’) from India. This is now my go-to adjective for Johnson, bonus for the alliteration ‘Bhenchod Boris’.

Any more great foreign swears?

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The Dutch are very inventive with their cursing.

I understand that it’s not uncommon to refer to the object of your disrespect as a “cancer whore”*.

* in Dutch, obvs

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Чтоб тебе дети в суп срали (Chtob tebe deti v’sup srali) — “May your children shit in your soup.”

putain de bordel de merde

This is probably his greatest/only achievement, truly world beating